About 7Bit Technologies

Any sort of test or products you may need…Well, 7Bit Tech can deliver the whole package. We specialize in all areas of web development and design, we venture into Mobile Application too, especially Native App ecosystem. 7Bit Tech consist network of talented developers. We are all brought together by enthusiasm. Love of Programming. Please talk to us, and get your piece

Electronics Business

We’re responsible in ATM installation, maintenance and repair.

Car key Programming; All types of vehicle with 93Cxxxxx EEPROM Chip.

Network and BIOS SPI chip Programming.

Online Store Business

Most of our products are on play store, Visit Here. As a Tech Company  we advice direct communication (business@7bittech.theokari.net)

Blogging Business

Forex, Cypto and News blogging; we help you generate more leads and conversions. We provide our clients with advanced scripts, sometimes we can customize the software to fit client specifications.

Team Work &Building

We’re hiring! Yes anyone with serious IT background you’re eligible. Contact us at (HR@7bittech.theokari.net)

Our Services

Mobile Application Developement

Android App Development

Are you Looking for simple to complex technical customization and incorporating web applications? Android applications can be one of the best solutions. We have huge ecosystem of andriod apps a across online marketplace such as PlayStore. Why android app? It has a massive user base and its an open-source operating system … Our products are free to use, download!

React Native App Development

We use React Native a framework to creates cross-platform Native apps. Which means it can run both on android and iOS. This technology is amazing, and our team is determined to build more amazing products out of it. Download our product when available, any assistance you may need don’t hesitate to reach out for more inside content and information, our priority is to keep our customers happy and satisfied!

Progressive Web App Development

This is a fusion between the features of web pages and mobile apps; The most important benefits they offer is speed, the ability to work off-line, and accessibility directly from the browser. Download our product when available

Web Design

Our experience in programming is not limited only to Mobile Application Development. We also create flexible sites both front-end and back-end making us full stack renders. Our products is based on the latest technologies in the market, we give free advice on any technology that is available to make you feel comfortable and satisfied.

With us everything is beautiful and satisfying You’re on the right track!


We’ve mastered the best way of hosting websites. We have solution for any customer and we’re pocket friendly. We believe in guiding a customer through the start to end in purchasing a website hosting package, on best companies with reliable servers across the globe that gives you great accessibility to your files anywhere on the globe with top speed. On top of that we provide better deals on quick web designs using WordPress the best free and open-source content management system (CMS) software written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.

Are you in need of a website within 24 hours? This is the best solution, reliable and cheap.

We help startups build the business of their dreams

We administer and manage networks and we’re responsible for; installation, monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrading network infrastructure, including both electronics and software layers for our customers. Not limited to server installation and maintenance.
As a reminder we do 77% web hosting for our clients. We offer free advice on best domain names for a website,
You can also support our work through downloading our Mobile Application. A donation is accepted

Highly professional website developers, designers and hosting….I highly recommend them because of their strategic engagements. Best site builders!!!


Why Choose Us


We’re very passionate when it comes to customer engagement.We are always enthusiastic and committed to what we are doing.


We’ve the ability to contribute accurately to our esteemed customers. As well as giving specific amount of advice on our products and services


Thank you for joining  efforts and your time—It’s supporters like you that help us design and develop web sites and software through your donation and word of encouragement.



Get a professional website and Mobile App today!

Client Engagement

We have consciously build the right customer engagement strategies. We’ve reasons to believe that creating a positive experience keeps customers coming back to our products and services. For instance, we do follow up our customers on daily basis to get feedback on our products. It’s in our interest to maintain and service our product in an open engagement between our customers. 7Bit Tech believes in good quality services. Friendliness, Empathy, Information, Time and Fairness!

Sharing Knowledge

We take few select number of students to tutor and mentor about computer programming, in the form of private weekly sessions of 1 hr-4 hrs. We teach from the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web developers& design also tutoring in JAVA for Mobile developers, all the way to guiding a student through the start-to-finish creation of their own websites or Mobile Application. Our charging rates are as follows:
1 hour—> Kshs.250
Unfortunately, because of time constraints we can’t tutor to everyone who gets in touch with us. If you are really interested, please send us an email and tell us more about yourself and your goals.

Troubleshooting EEPROM

Tools: AsProgrammer software, CH341 programmer, Desktop/Laptop, De-soldering tools.

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